Roads Are For Boats, Too

Gif: ViralHog (YouTube)

The mere boundaries of water shall not deter the wild Canadian boating hoser from exploring new ground. Hinder him not with your puny forest service roads! Our intrepid hoser will find a way, eh.

This particular clip comes from Tacheeda Lakes in British Columbia, where true hero to boat-hoons everywhere Tyler jumped his jet-boat across a forest service road. This attempt worked, despite the dirt road’s best efforts. A later attempt wasn’t so lucky, though.


“We made it over no problem but coming back up we weren’t so fortunate and had to walk back to camp in order to get the truck and trailer to pick the boat up off the side of the road,” says the video description on YouTube.

Better luck next time, Tyler. Your feat of boat-diculousness is truly an inspiration to all.

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