Road Sign Hacked To Say "No Latinos, No Tacos"

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Someone in the Miami, Florida area decided to use our instructions for hacking road signs to send the message "No Latinos, No Tacos" instead of warning people about zombies.

The electronic road sign on the Palmetto Expressway flashed the message "No Latinos, No Tacos" early into the morning today, prompting the Florida Highway Patrol to move the sign so passing motorists wouldn't see it. The signs were password-protected, which, as we found, does almost nothing to stop a determined hacker.


Most road sign hacks have been light-hearted, entertainingly bleak, or just bizarre. This isn't the first use of a hack for a political message, but it's the first racist sign we've seen.

As always, we want to remind you guys not to hack road signs, and especially don't hack road signs to read "Jalopnik Rules!"

Update: There's a debate raging in the comments over whether this means the sign creator is against both Latinos and tacos or is attempting to support immigration by saying "without Latinos there will be no more tacos." Share your thoughts in the comments.


(Hat tip to FrankRizzo and 57sweptside)

[NBC Miami]

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That would have been vastly more ironic in Arizona.