Road Rage Roundup: Manteca Magnums, Cop-Killing Cabbies

Britain's Local Authority Road Safety Officers' Association is pushing to ban smoking behind the wheel, for safety reasons. Hold on a goddamn second says SafeSpeed (a "pressure group")- you'll get way more road rage if you don't let drivers smoke! []

You know, any city named for the Spanish word for "lard" is the kind of place where the action never stops. How about a .357-packing Geo Prizm driver blasting away at a pickup driver whom he cut off? Yeah, that's action, Manteca style! [Manteca Bulletin]

In South Africa, the road-ragers are so hardcore they shoot cops that piss them off. This road-rage homicide was perpetrated by one of South Africa's dreaded minivan cabdrivers; no wonder folks want to vuvuzela those guys. []


Once again, we see that road-ragers look like assholes. You want to look like an asshole? No? Then stay calm and stay off the Road Rage Roundup.

Road Rage Roundup: Blame It On Intermittent Explosive Disorder! [internal]

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And a tip to "illegals." Your chances of continuing to hang out in Estados Unidos stay a wee higher if you're not discharging firearms in public.