Not all road-rage killers get off with some slap-on-wrist manslaughter charge- this Alabama slimeball gets 56 years in the pokey on a first-degree murder rap after blasting another driver who made "obscene gesture" at him. [WBBM]

Gotta love the UK, where brandishing a knife from a moving vehicle makes the news. Oh yeah, it was a Stanley utility knife, favored face-scarring tool of football hooligans, but probably not all that effective for car-to-car conflict. [Peterborough Today News]

So let's say Johnny Law tickets you for aggressive driving. The smart move at that point would be to calm your ass down for a while... but Christopher Martin (no relation) wasn't gonna kowtow to authority like some lickspittle drone. No siree, he gunned his Chevy van, spraying gravel all over the cop who'd just handed him the ticket, and proceeded to drive like the psycho moron he is, nearly causing a semi to jackknife and picking up another ticket on the 2-for-1 Road Rage Special plan. []

You won't street-race my Accord just because your 3-month-old is in the back? Fine! I'll just beat on your car with a wooden club! I guess those "Baby On Board" signs don't really work. [Fox 12]

It's been a fairly slow week for road rage; can't complain about that. But the inevitable pan-cultural decline of civility and maturity continues unabated, in spite of these brief respites, so be sure to check in next Monday for more RRR.


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