You can practically feel the sun in your eyes and the air rapidly moving across your helmet’s visor as you watch this on-board video of a windshieldless 1950s Corvette racer. This one, in full 360-degree video provides incredible sound and shows a lot of the things you’d normally miss in a video.

You can rewind and re-watch sections over and over again to see new things. I watched the whole video aimed at the driver’s shifter hand just to see the delicate nature of his shifts on the old car’s trans.


It takes a certain level of balls to go vintage racing in the first place, but the guys with a roof over their heads will always give credit to the folks out there in speedsters and roadsters and other topless racers. And the ones with windshields will always talk about the guys without like they’re crazy. Having driven a few cars without windshields at road speeds, I can only imagine what the wind-in-your-face feels like at triple-digit-speeds.

Godspeed, Mr. Corvette Man.


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