Ridley Scott's New TV Show Will Be Like Mad Men For Racing

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Movie-director brothers Ridley and Tony Scott know their way around action movies. Now the two are working on a TV series about the glory days of Le Mans racing. Think Mad Men with sports cars and Stirling Moss. Holy crap.


The brothers Scott have turned out works like Gladiator (Ridley) and Top Gun (Tony) for the big screen, and Numb3rs for the small screen, but the new series project is called The Drivers and set in the world of motorsports during the 1950s and 1960s.

The period drama is based on the Wallace A. Wyss book, "Shelby: The Man, The Cars, the Legend." Funding is coming from UK production house FremantleMedia (American Idol), which says the series "tells the true story of wild young drivers from the US, Germany, France, Italy and Britain, friends and rivals, amateurs risking everything for a shot on the tracks."

Consider the TiVo already thumbs-upped.

[via Adam Cooper's F1 Blog]


Huell Howitzer

Wow, just wow, and to add, wow. Of course then there's wow.

So will the characters be the real named drivers, or they going to have like Bill Hill and Jack Brabhamstein?