Riding the Post-Apocalypse in Style, Greenness: Ai Design's Biodiesel Chevy Suburban Show Truck

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The third in a trifecta of showcase cars from NY local boys, Ai Design, is a Chevy Suburban that would be a perfect complement to the Official Jalopnik Unibomber Shack(TM). Ai Founder Matt Figliola calls it a "post-apocalyptic road rider." The tricky truck started life as a 2002 Suburban gas V8 (Chevy didn't offer Duramax diesels that year). It was fitted for oil burning by a Colorado outfit, Duramax Suburban, with the engine modified to sustain biofuel's more corrosive properties (we did not know this was a problem). Then Ai installed a mess of performance tweaks, including transmission, turbochargers, exhaust system, fuel injection, and ECU mods. Next stage, Brembo brakes and 12" lift kit, followed by an entirely custom interior with carbon-fiber trim and switches for everything from the climate control to the engine management system relocated to a hand-fabricated console. Finally, it's Alpine F-1 audio, satellite antenna and enough AV tech to keep the Jalopniks on the road, and out of the shack, permanently. Or until Lord Humungus gets all the biofuel.


[via World Car Fans]

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