Rider Bails Just In Time As His Motorcycle Catches Fire Mid-Race

Young British Superbikes racer Taylor Mackenzie has crashed before, but holy crap the guy’s bike just burst into flames while he was hard-charging through a corner. Watch it in slow-mo below and make sure your headphones are on because the commentators are hilarious.


Mackenzie was born after the motorcycles I ride were even built, and basically started competing earnestly (British Mini Moto Championships) in 2006. He recently signed on to Team WD40 Kawasaki and is competing in the British Superbikes series, which you’re catching a glimpse of here at the Snetterton Circuit.

Here’s the moment he realized he was becoming Ghost Rider:


And here’s a better grab of the whole incident with Mackenzie’s expertly timed exit:

Haven’t figured out what exactly caused the fire yet; but having walked away to race again Mackenzie’s got a good sense of humor about it; “I’ve cancelled my wax for tomorrow.” There are some more epic pictures of the burn-and-bail on his Facebook page.

Good reflexes out there!


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Doesn’t WD-40 warn that the contents are flammable?