Ride To 278.6 MPH With The World's Fastest Streetbike

Illustration for article titled Ride To 278.6 MPH With The Worlds Fastest Streetbike

Florida motorcycle racer Bill Warner set a new world speed record for a street motorcycle at the Texas Mile in October, hitting 278.6 mph on his turbocharged Hayabusa. The onboard video may leave you weak in the knees.

Warner's reworked '05 Hayabusa generates about 650 hp and 314 lb-ft, giving him a power-to-weight ratio of hellacious squared. Given the end of the ride, it's hard to see how Warner could go much faster at the Texas Mile, unless they give him another mile of running room.
Photo: Kat Hagen/HYBRED Photography (H/T to TwinRotorMotor!)

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Jonathan Harper

That. Is. Dope.

Cojones man. Serious cojones.