Ride along with a cop car as it's stolen then crashed

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Not to get all Tipper Gore, but people do realize that "Grand Theft Auto" is just a video game and not a self-help exercise? Because even if you're high, you shouldn't steal a police cruiser and wreck it.

Police in Summerville, S.C., released the video below of Arthur Lee Thompson, 38, who was pulled over last Friday on suspicion of shoplifting. Thompson would later tell officers he had been smoking crack the morning before the arrest.

While the video from the police cruiser's dashboard camera shows the initial fight between Thompson and the officer, it doesn't show the motorist who attempted to help the officer contain Thompson, nor that the officer used his Taser on Thompson twice with little effect. During the ensuing three-mile ride, Thompson wound the cruiser up to 100 mph.


After the crash into a landscaping truck, Thompson later briefly struggled with police at a nearby hospital. He's being held on $600,000 bond, and one can only guess he's being kept away from any vehicles.


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