This Is Subaru's Entire Crazy Record Lap Of The Isle Of Man TT Course

Subaru likes the Isle of Man. They like it so much that they go to the island during the motorcycle race in order to set their own record. This year, they broke their own record by doing the 37 mile lap in 19 minutes, 15 seconds. This is the driver's view of that lap. It. Is. Riveting.

Mark Higgins made a few runs on the crazy course in a lightly modified 2015 Subaru WRX STI. The lap is the stuff of legends. Higgins is on the video commentating, it's amazing to think that he knows the entire 37 mile lap by heart and what the car is doing at every single part of the lap.

Higgins's lap is a study in just how big of balls you need to make a flat out lap of the Isle of Man. What shocked me the most is that his balls can fit in the car. I thought he'd need a trailer to carry those iron giants on.


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