Rick Wagoner Cuts Ribbon

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GM's Chairman and CEO, Rick Wagoner, took on a new role yesterday, that of Business Model. Wagoner traveled to Gilbert, Arizona to cut the ribbon at Henry Brown, a local dealer that's the first nationwide to finish construction on a new facility that combines the Buick, Pontiac and GMC brands under one roof. During the event Wagoner remarked, "Henry [Brown] has a real passion for our products, and he's one of the best in the business, He does what a lot of other dealers aspire to." It's not known if the Business Model theme song, Like a Rock, was playing at the time. [Source: The Arizona Republic]

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@racermd: Okay, after R'ing the FA, I got it. It's apparently the first multi-brand dealership built with GMs new multi-brand strategy in mind. (I still don't get that part since there are already many multi-brand dealerships out there, but whatever...)

Also, this new dealership is apparently how new multi-brand GM dealerships are going to look across the U.S.

Besides which, "Wagoner said he also wanted to honor Brown, a fourth-generation GM dealer."