Illustration for article titled Rhode Island Man Busted For Drunk Driving, Blows Six Times Legal Limit

Stanley Kobierowski (not pictured) is apparently a bit of drinker and a bad decision-maker. After Rhode Island police arrested him for crashing into a sign, Stanley blew a 0.491 BAC on the breathalyzer — more than six times the Rhode Island limit of 0.08. That's a state record, by the way. To put Stanley's inebriation into perspective, a blood alcohol level of 0.3 is considered blitzed, 0.4 brings unconsciousness and 0.5 is a fatal dose. Our Polish friend here was not only not comatose, but cruising around and running into things — fortunately, nothing living. Bad Stanley, bad! [ABCNews, Photo Credit: EnglishRussia]

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