Remember the 110 MPG Mustang guy? He put the same imaginary engine from that into this Ford GT-based Revenge Verde, but don't worry, it's actually just been desecrated with a 638 HP LS9.

The imaginary Verde is said to come with the the same HP2g engine that supposedly powers the 110 MPG Mustang. The imaginary figures are: V8, 400 HP, 500 Lb-Ft of torque, fueled by E85. Of course, since it's based on the GT, you can keep that vehicle's earth hating supercharge 5.4-liter V8 or, we're guessing in an attempt to add some sort of value to an uglyfied GT, the LS9 out of the Corvette ZR1.

Revenge ambitiously hopes people will cough up $190,000 for "the world's first guilt-free mid engine Supercar. We're guessing that price mostly consists of the donor Ford GT and a whole lot of green-painted fiberglass, begging the obvious question: why the hell would anyone do this to an innocent Ford GT? What did it ever do to you? [via Core77]


Thanks for the tip, Francisco!