Illustration for article titled Return of the Bubble Tops: Vampyre

We don't have much info on this crazy purple bubble top called Vampyre. The owner wasn't around and the placard didn't offer much in the way of details, but it's probably one of the more sleek cars of the genre we can recall. It seems to steal a little style from the extreme low riders with the exposed upper tire and the engine dragging on the ground. It's that low body work and exposed tire style that lead us to believe this car is the work of Jerry and Eldon Titus, who busted out a similar design in the "Voodoo Spyder" back in 2005.


In any case, the Vampyre is rife with snazzy design details. The low profile gives it a speedy feel, sculpted head rests visible under the canopy, thin line white walls on Torque Thrust 2's, the tiller is the bottom third of a steering wheel, welded onto rods, dipped in white rubber and bolted to the yoke. Cool. Bet this car gets some looks while cruising around in Kansas.

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