Return Of The Bubble Tops: Atomic Punk

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It's been a long, long time since bubble tops were popular in the hot rodding circles, but it seems as though they're beginning to make a comeback of sorts. With cars like Dave Shuten's "Astrosled" and Gary "Chopit" Fioto's "Beatnik", the genre is steadily gaining steam again, and the incredible creativity of the style is a welcomed respite from the sameness of the last decade. This car was built and is owned by Aaron Grote, who has dubbed it "Atomic Punk" and dragged it into the Detroit Autorama. The all new, all steel hot rod is based very loosely on 1959 Plymouth bits and really is a treat to see.


The grille alone is a piece of art, not to mention the delightful hand crafted exhaust manifolds, all the custom body work, the spectacular chrome capped fins and the immaculate flawless white interior. The classic white walled MT's mounted on old school 5 spoke Cragars really finishes this masterpiece off. We'd like to know why this car wasn't up for the Ridler Award.

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Rob Emslie

They appear to be popular in the future as well, at least in Australia:


Sorry, I can't post pictures apparently. Otherwise this would have been better.