Retroconcept Vinci Sport, A Portuguese Dino

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Portugal probably isn't the first country that comes to mind when you think of exotic sports cars. Engineering concern CEIIA and designer Ernestos Frietas are trying to change that. Reminiscent of a Dino 206 GT, the Retroconcept Vinci Sport shares the Dino's diminutive proportions, mid-engine layout and overall profile. Additional references like the hood nostrils, headlights, and air intakes are clearly Dino-inspired but brought up to date with modern materials and forms. The Vinci Sport makes extensive use of carbon fiber in both the chassis and body. [Via Car Body Design]



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Why shouldn't Ferrari build a modern Dino? If the Cayman hasn't cheapened Porsche, a Dino wouldn't cheapen Ferrari (it wouldn't be cheap anyway).

Regardless, this is an excellent design. It references its inspiration without becoming a charicature or a pastiche. I approve.