Report: Truck Dumps 20 Million Bees On The Highway, Driver Runs For It

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A semi-truck carrying 408 beehives, which were home to about 50,000 bees a piece tipped over on an Idaho highway yesterday. Cops say they caught up with the driver who “took off running” and who the heck could blame him!?

Sheriff Wes Collins of Butte County told the East Idaho News that the truck was a 2005 Freightliner driven by Rolondo Aparicio of Florida. It seems he got away unscathed by the crash or bees, but cops still weren’t sure what caused him to swerve in the first place.

Local news says the bees were heading to North Dakota to make honey.

Unfortunately, rounding them up is apparently impossible. Brian Wiggins, owner of KatieBee Honey and the destroyed hives was quoted saying “All the bees that escaped will be dead by tomorrow, because they can’t live without their colonies.” Any stragglers are being killed by Idaho National Laboratory emergency responders... can’t have an angry horde of bees running a section of the highway, after all.


Check out the pictures on East Idaho News if you haven’t had a good nightmare in awhile.

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