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There's more chatter in the pipeline about a possible hybrid powertrain coming in a Toyota-built sports car. Earlier this year, Autocar reported the supercar based on ToMoCo's LF-A concept (and due in 2008) would get a performance-tuned version of Toyota's Hybrid Drive system — a realization of from the company's Alessandro Volta concept of 2004. Now, AutoExpress reports (in a vaguely worded piece) a "Son of Supra," powered by the Lexus 450h's 3.5-liter V6 hybrid system, is on the way for 2009, with a concept version debuting in Detroit early next year. That car will go head to head with Nissan's GT-R coupe, expected for 2008. There's a rumor the hybrid will also get a turbo boost, but that's far from confirmed. [Thanks to Dave for the tip.]


Son of Supra will be a hybrid! [AutoExpress]

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