REPORT: The Not-So-All-New Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep And Alfa Lineup!

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One week before Chrysler's planned media unveil of Fiat's future plans for Chrysler, The Wall Street Journal's reporting nine current vehicles will be axed from the lineup and one Chrysler plus three Alfa Romeos will be added. Full list below.


Basically, Chrysler gets to be the brand of — umm — a minivan, a large sedan and a little cinquecento. Dodge gets gutted and apparently becomes the retro brand. Ram pickup trucks are — umm — maybe their own brand? Jeep gets back to basics (yay!) and Alfa Romeo randomly shows up, adding a small car, a smaller car, a mid-size and the 8c competizione.

So basically, Fiat's grooming Alfa Romeo to replace Chrysler. Full details below:


* PT Cruiser
* Sebring
* Town and Country
* 300: Redesign in 2011
* Fiat 500: 2011


* Caliber
* Nitro
* Avenger
* Grand Caravan
* Charger: Redesign in 2011
* Challenger
* Journey
* Ram trucks (separate brand?)


* Commander
* Compass
* Patriot
* Wrangler
* Grand Cherokee: Redesign in 2010

Alfa Romeo

* Mito
* Milano (replacing 147)
* New Mid-Size Sedan
* 8C Competizione

[via WSJ, Kicking Tires]



All these cuts, with the exception of the Grand Caravan, were already predicted. Cutting the Grand Caravan is a truly bizarre idea. Exactly how much market share does Fiat want Chrysler lose? More than likely it, and the Sebring and Avenger will be replaced. Since Fiat doesn't make a single mid-sized car that'd be competitive in North America, don't expect Fiat badged cars to be supplanting Chryslers and Dodges anytime soon. Better and easier to rehabilitate Chrysler and Dodge (brands with mix of bad rep and good rep) than Fiat or Alfa (brands with a mix of bad rep or ZERO recognition in North America)