REPORT: The Batmobile Might Have Been Stolen In Detroit [UPDATE: Nope]

It can't be possible. I refuse to believe it. But there are reports circling that the Batmobile has been stolen from the set of Batman Vs. Superman in Detroit.


Details are scarce and nothing is confirmed. Bleeding Cool, which first reported on the caped crusader's missing machine, reached out to Warner Bros. but the studio hasn't responded. CBS in Detroit has contacted the local police department and they're looking into it.

Again, this is probably bogus, but if it isn't, keep your eyes peeled for something dark, menacing, and with freaking machine guns on its nose.

UPDATE 8:53 PM ET: The Freep has been in contact with Detroit police who confirmed that it the Batmobile has not been stolen. "The Batmobile is safe in the Batcave where it belongs," says Sgt. Michael Woody. Moving on...

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