Report: Tesla To Build SUV Off "Model S" Platform

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We've told you about the planned Tesla Model S , an aluminum-intensive four-door electric sedan. Now Autocar reports the Model S isn't just a single vehicle, but actually a platform expected to yield a variety of different cars and even an SUV. Aside from the use of aluminum instead of the Tesla Roadster's carbon fiber, a new, flatter battery pack mounted at the base of the chassis is said to provide the flexibility needed for a comprehensive vehicle family. Now the question becomes, "when are we going to see these new vehicles?" Jalopnik Snap Judgment: According to Autocar, we should expect to see the Model S sedan in 2010, with the SUV and a four-door coupe arriving around 2015. The word from Tesla is less encouraging, however: The company is hoping to launch the sedan after construction of its new California factory is completed, and they describe the design as “ninety percent” complete. Knowing that the "devil is in the details" — details being at least the last 10% of the design process — and that starting up a factory isn't without its hiccups, we're afraid the Model S may take a little longer to get to market, and any other variants even longer. Of course, with its recent new hires, Tesla could surprise us all. But, although we're hopeful, we've also seen Tesla miss past time deadlines — and continue to miss current deadlines. []


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hmmmm... Autoblog is reporting that the SUV rumor is incorrect. An SUV was mentioned as possible with the new platform, but not in the plans.