Report: Next Impala Will Be Rear-Drive, More Upscale?

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A more upscale Chevy Impala that's rear drive? What is this, 1965? Automotive News reports on the 2009 Impala, which will share a rear-wheel-drive architecture with the next-gen Camaro, Australia's Holden VE Commodore and likely a new Pontiac GTO (or something). According to AN, the new model will depart from the 2007 Impala in the areas of wheelbase (longer), front and rear overhangs (shorter) and passenger room (more), though will be similar in length and width. The "more upscale" part, however, isn't a done deal. According to AW, GM is considering moving the Impala into the rarefied air enjoyed by the Chrysler 300C, though is moot mute on the subject. With a redesigned 2008 Malibu set to be unveiled at the Detroit show in January, the company could easily cede its midsized commodity-car market to itself. Whatever. Three words: 400-hp Impala SS.


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