Report: Next Audi RS4 Coming in 2008

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Todd Lassa's shrill condemnations of the blogosphere notwithstanding, Motor Trend clarifies the Audi RS4 issue with some of that snappy jernelism we expect from those who still use the telephone. Those saddened by talk the RS version of the Audi A4 was going the way of Brock Yates's Park Avenue office will be heartened to hear it's just taking a yearlong hiatus. With the new A4 appearing this fall atop Audi's oft ballyhooed modular architecture, the current RS4 will be shelved. A new RS4, based on the updated A4 and sporting what could total 450 horsepower, will appear at the end of 2008. Meanwhile, Audi's spending down the remaining parts on the limited-edition RS4 convertible, due by year's end. Only 300 of the droptops will be built, each costing around 90 grand each. And we didn't even have to pick up the phone. Ain't meta media grand? [Motor Trend via The German Car Blog]


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Al Navarro

I used to own an MTM Stage 2 Avant, and currently drive a TT, and wanted to write a few words regarding Bruce vs. the ghost of Colin Chapman. Feel free to call it thread-jacking.

I used to think that any Se7en would slay any sedan on any track that didn't have long straights (where top speed and aero come into play). After all, just check out the hot laps in EVO mag.

But last weekend I saw evidence to the contrary. And yes, I am getting back to the subject of the post. At the Grassroots Motorsports/Hankook Ultimate Track Car Challenge, Chip Herr (STaSIS) ran his street S4 (though when I left he was thinking of switching to a race-prepped car) and bested the R1-powered Locost driven by a friend of mine.

So, proof that Bruce still rocks...the RS4 being the most Bruce of the Audis you can buy off the dealer floor.

Check out the final standings here: