REPORT: Mitsubishi To Screw Up Evo XI

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We were wondering amongst ourselves recently why Mitsubishi makes cars other than the Evo. None of them are even pretend interesting or competitive. So it's not surprising when we hear rumors Mitsu is considering making the Evo XI a hybrid.

Remember the old school Galant? How about the Montero? The Diamante? Not terrible cars. Mitsubishi has somehow managed to survive for almost a decade on completely irrelevant (and sometimes terrible) products, and the Lancer Evolution. So, since the Evo is the only thing in the Mitsu lineup worth a damn, it only makes sense for them to be considering making the Evo XI a hybrid and probably killing everything good and pure about the car.

According to reporting in MotorTrend, Mitsubishi is planning to make the next Evo a hybrid with an electric motor providing primary motivation via the front wheels, a 2.0-liter MIVEC four-cylinder would drive the rear wheels when needed. If Mitsubishi can pull it off, it'll be the first affordable performance hybrid, but considering their recent history (the Endevour, the Galant, the Eclipse) we're not holding our breath. [MotorTrend]

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There are lots of different kinds of hybrid systems, and they're not all inherently bad. Sure, the first generation of hybrid cars have all been aimed at getting high efficiency at the expense of performance, and all the vehicles have been real snoozemobiles. But as hybrid systems evolve and the market expands, I think we're going to see a lot more kinds of hybrids since there are actually a lot of advantages to electric power in a sporty car. People need to stop being so knee-jerkingly anti-hybrid and embrace the future.