REPORT: Hybrids More Likely To Mow Down Bikers, Pedestrians

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Are hybrids really a silent killer? A study put together by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration seems to think so. NHTSA's found a higher incidence of pedestrian/bike crashes with hybrid vehicles.


Results from the study show hybrid vehicles had a crash rate of 0.9% compared to just 0.6% for regular ICE vehicles. Because hybrids tend to use all-electric mode at lower speeds, the number of pedestrian/bike accidents are higher at under 35 MPH. The report itself uses limited data from only 12 states and doesn't draw direct conclusions as to why — though it's obvious — so this is being used to instruct local governments on how to deal with hybrids and non-car commuters.


[NHTSA (PDF) via Green Car Reports, Pure Green Cars]

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Matt Brown

People who drive hybrids are more likely to live in big cities. There are a lot more people walking and riding bikes in big cities.

Of course there will be a correlation.

There's probably also a correlation between F-150 drivers hitting cows. #hybrids