REPORT: Chevy Volt Priced At $40,000

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General Motors makes pricing official today at noon, but Bloomberg's reporting GM's "Jesus Car," the Chevy Volt, will be priced around $40,000. Must be true — it's the same price Bob Lutz told Letterman last year. Moving on... [Bloomberg]

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Ash78, voting early and often

The more I think about this car, the more sense it makes for a lot of people. All it takes is someone shopping for an Acura TL to say "You know what, I think I'll take silent, semi-green operation over the few additional bells and whistles on the Acura" and the deal is nearly done. It's as easy a decision as the Prius is now, IMO.

I could drive back and forth to my new job 5x before the engine would kick on. Unlike diesels, where "the more miles you drive, the better the economics" this one almost rewards people who have to take short trips...and that's a lot of people.

I'm also thinking about the incredible reduction in wear-and-tear on the engine parts which would only see 1-2x per week usage. As much as I enjoy shadetree work, I'm also looking forward to the day when we can achieve the mechanical simplicity of the old days...and with new tech at the same time. So what if it just "shifts" the pollution? A redistribution of pollution away from urban areas could be a good thing for LOTS of people suffering from asthma, URIs, etc, even if it doesn't result in a net improvement for the planet. Baby steps.