REPORT: BMW M1 1-Series Coming With 350 HP

After throwing an M badge on all manner of crossovers and SUVs, BMW may finally bestow one upon the 1-series — creating the BMW M1 — a twin-turbo I6-powered 350 HP Bavarian cream puff.

The news comes from Autocar, which is reporting the development has already begun with sales to begin in the middle of next year. In addition to the twin-turbo powerplant and a six-speed dual-clutch gearbox, the new über 1-series coupe should sport an M-designed differential, new bodywork and a more robust suspension.


While an M version of the 1-series seems completely reasonable as a competitor for the Audi RS3, there's a problem with the name given the historical association with the 1970s super car.

Our thought? Why not trot out the BMW 1-series tii name. It's more historically accurate.

[Autocar via Bimmerfile]

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