REPORT: BMW 1 Series M Coupe Getting 445 HP

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The slueths at 1Addicts pulled up this chart listing future BMW engines, including a 340 hp twin-turbocharged N54 inline-six for the BMW 1M. Makes sense. Intriguingly, this document also hints at a 445 hp BMW 1-series. Wait, what?


This intriguing chart lists three coupes using the "N54B30T0" engine code, both of which appear to be "M" models. The name for the model isn't listed as anything but "PYRAT," which is the code BMW's been using internally for the 1 Series M Coupe.


Two of the models show an output of 340 hp, which is a nice improvement over the 300 hp currently in the BMW 135i. Then there's the U.S. only version showing 332 kw, or approximately 445 hp. That's more power than the current 414-hp BMW M3.

It seems unlikely they'd use that much power in the 1-series, let alone let us have it. We'd guess this engine is more likely for a new M3. But we wouldn't complain, either. []

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