REPORT: 2014 Mustang To Get IRS, Global Sales

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In an effort to save money, Ford says all future platforms must be global. But what of the Mustang and its all-American RWD coupeiness? Motor Trend's being optimistic about its fate and says the next version could even go global.


All this global talk is causing quite the fracas in Ford circles, creating all sorts of rumors like Ford killing the Falcon Ute as the Falcon transitions to a Taurus platform, it means no more shitty Focus for the US and it even means we're getting a Fiesta sedan. But while US buyers still think the ‘Stang is the best thing since light beer, the rest of the world would mock its poor packaging, live rear axle and huge engines. As the Mustang's 50th birthday approaches, that leaves it in quite the pickle.

According to Motor Trend, the plan apparently was to create a new global RWD platform that would underpin a replacement for the Lincoln Towncar, a new Ford Falcon and, in a radically shortened version, the new Mustang. But, because Ford has re-thought the need for a Town Car replacement; because sales of the Falcon have slumped and are expected to continue slumping as gas prices increase; and because Ford has spent itself silly avoiding bankruptcy and preparing Euro models for US sale that platform has now been cancelled.

Motor Trend's sources suggest three possible options for the 2014 Mustang:

The cheap option: base it on the current car, continue the retro styling theme and maybe add some more euro-centric engines (like the Ecoboost 4 and 6-cylinders).

The euro snob option: A new, smaller, more sophisticated platform more in the vein of the M3 and equipped with a tweaked version of the 3.5-liter Ecoboost turbocharged V6.

The Motor Trend is on crack option: an AWD Evo rival.

So which is it going to be? Sadly, we expect the cheap option is going to win. Ford sources are adamant the car will finally get independent rear suspension, but we wouldn't expect much in the way of new engines unless Ford is serious about conquering the land of high-performance hot hatches.


Jonathan Harper

Holy lord the day has come. An IRS? in 2014? Will the world still exist then?