Renntech's Mercedes-McLaren SLR 722 Tweakage

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For years, Florida's RENNtech has long been the first stop for well-heeled Mercedes mavens and prospective road-rallyists who wanted an output boost for their SLs. But the company offers hi-po gear across the Merc range, from the lowly (not to us) Sprinter to the highbrow SLR. The SLR too? Right. Upgrades to the pride of Mercedes-McLaren 722 take the form of upgraded intercoolers and their respective pumps, allowing for more boost and putting the 722 (named after Stirling Moss's and Denis Jenkinson's starting time in the 1955 Mille Miglia of 7:22 am) closer to 722 horsepower. As for price, consult your tax accountant.

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RENNtech's 722HP Mercedes-McLaren SLR 722 [Motor Authority]

More on the SLR-Powered Mercedes SLK: Out of the Mouths of Mechanics [internal]

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Can you imagine what would have happened if all these tuner shops existed in the 60's like they do today? I can just see the AP wire post:

NASTech Tweaks the Saturn V Rocket

Cape Canaveral, FL

NASTech announced today an upgrade package to the standard Saturn V launch platform that will improve 0-60 times, and shorten the distance to the moon, while inducing less wobble in the Earth's orbit.

Greas Munky, owner of NASTech, said "While the stock performance of the Saturn V rocket is impressive, very impressive, NASTech believes that there is always room for improvement."

The Stage I kit includes a 10,000 shot NOS system (with the ability to fire all shots at once - a NASTech patented process), larger turbos for higher boost pressure, improved intercoolers, a strengthened exhaust nozzle to handle the additional launch speeds, and a functional spoiler to increase lift at lower speeds.

The Stage II kit includes a complete engine bluprinting, increasing the bore of the engine nozzel, a revised cam profile, supercharging, and a body kit to increase airflow under the vehicle to provide even great lift improvements and enhance it's gantryside appeal.

Mr. Munky indicated that the Stage III kit is still undergoing development, as the last test indicated that it would actually cause the vehicle to overshoot the moon and start heading for Mars. Mr. Munky said, "We know that Mars is part of the future space map, so we've got the settings and parts warehoused for future use, but for now we're working on toning them down a bit, while still giving the discriminating customer the additional performance he's looking for."

Pricing and availability have not yet been announced.