Renault! They're all about art, you know. It's a French thing. And Renault recently netted themselves a Guinness World Record for the largest 3D street art display. It's incredible.

No, it's not a 100-foot tall Renault 5 Turbo parked in the middle of Paris. That only exists in my imagination. Instead, Renault Trucks installed four gigantic displays on the largest square in the city of Lyon, the Rue de la République.

The panels are "anamorphic art," meaning they become fully 3D when viewed from a specific point. They show Renault Trucks at work in various situations, and one is a massive aerial display that makes people seem like they're walking on a glass bridge high over mountains, water, and skyscrapers.

One of the art pieces covers a whopping 43,820 square feet, making it officially "the largest anamorphosis in the world," according to Guinness. It has more than 32,800 feet of stitching alone, and the image uses more than 8 billion pixels.


I think this is pretty awesome. They should give the giant R5 Turbo a try sometime, too.


Photos: Renault