This is not some oil-rich Arab sheik, his equally rich cousin and their play things. Renault took two of its R28 Formula One cars out on the Dubai highway during the Renault F1 Roadshow.

The FIA's Vice President for sport, 14-time Middle East Rally Champion and later Renault R28 monumental wrecker, Mohamed Ben Sulayem was first to rocket the F1 down a closed off stretch of Dubai highway. The most impressive was when Renault demonstration drivers, Romain Grosjean and Adam Khan raced a pair of R28 F1 cars along the open stretch of road. As if that wasn't enough the duo then took out a pair of 2009 Renault Meganne Trophy Cup cars to do battle with.

Although the event had some negativity shined on it due to the crash at the Dubai Autodrome, it was still an awesome event as you can see from the above clip.

[image credit: boston,]