Renault Asks Why Only Movie Stars Get Ecological Cars

Here's another creative ad from Renault that's just as the funny Renault Megane GT commercial, though with less big-bottomed girls on bikes. It involves talking leaves, dancing stars and one bewildered Production Assistant named Willy. Is this what a car commercial directed by Luis Bunuel would look like? Even better, we have a translation from M0L0TOV below the jump for those who do not speak Spanish.


Why is it that moviestars can have ecological cars? (young man with leaf in hand). We make the moviestars look younger (makeup artists). The ones that manicure their pets (doggy groomers). We fall to the ground in your place (stuntmen). We want an ecological car (chorus) We try to marry you for your money (golddiggers in bikinis) We collect everything you touched (nerds and geeks holding up garbage and a drawing of a thong) The ones that clean this giant sign. (guys cleaning the Hollywood sign). And the ones that feed you (people in the videostore with dvd's). We, we, we, we, we, we, we, we, will finally have, an ecological car, HEY (giant crowd of people). Like all the movie stars, an ecological car, is what we want to have. (cars driving around). Is this reality or is it a dream? (young man). It's real Willy, it's real (talking leaf). I hope it makes more sense to you now.


[Source: YouTube]

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