Volkswagen can be really tricky sometimes. They make some amazing machines, but for us Americans, the questions are always "Will we get it?" and "Will it have a manual?" The good news is that despite earlier confusion, the Volkswagen Golf R will have both in America. Happy dance!

VW debuted the Golf R at the LA Auto Show and announced its American price tag, but their official press release mentions only the six-speed paddle shift DSG. While that's a fantastic transmission, one of the best around, it left the row-your-own crowd feeling sad.

But then Dr. Hendrik Muth, the manager of R for VW of America, alluded in his live Q&A with Jalopnik that the U.S. car would have both.

So we reached out to a Volkswagen spokeswoman who confirmed that yes, the Golf R will launch with the DSG early next year, and then it will add the manual version a few months later, possibly in the second quarter.


It's nice to have choices, isn't it?