Rejoice! The Volkswagen Golf R Will Get A Manual In The U.S. After All

Volkswagen can be really tricky sometimes. They make some amazing machines, but for us Americans, the questions are always "Will we get it?" and "Will it have a manual?" The good news is that despite earlier confusion, the Volkswagen Golf R will have both in America. Happy dance!


VW debuted the Golf R at the LA Auto Show and announced its American price tag, but their official press release mentions only the six-speed paddle shift DSG. While that's a fantastic transmission, one of the best around, it left the row-your-own crowd feeling sad.

But then Dr. Hendrik Muth, the manager of R for VW of America, alluded in his live Q&A with Jalopnik that the U.S. car would have both.

So we reached out to a Volkswagen spokeswoman who confirmed that yes, the Golf R will launch with the DSG early next year, and then it will add the manual version a few months later, possibly in the second quarter.

It's nice to have choices, isn't it?

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