Redneck Waterskiing With a Caterpillar Excavator

You would think waterskiing requires a powerboat and a long stretch of open water. Not so when you’re in South Carolina. All you need is a mudhole and some heavy hydraulic machinery.

It is tempting to label this activity the most redneck of all, but a quick glance at the history of particle accelerators suggests that the waterskiers photographed are closer to rocket scientists than hicks.


Classic waterskiing may be compared to a linear accelerator, the longest of which is the 2-mile SLAC, operated by Stanford University. SLAC can accelerate particles up to 50 gigaelectronvolts.

Not too shabby, but the largest circular accelerator in the world, the 17-mile long Large Hadron Collider, can boost protons to 7 teraelectronvolts: 140 times that of SLAC, with the added benefit of a smaller footprint for the facility. Although small is not necessarily the word that first comes to mind when you think of a giant tunnel 17 miles in circumference, buried 600 feet below the border of France and Switzerland.


It also makes you wonder how exactly does one pronounce yeehaw in French.

Hat tip to Cynical–C Blog.

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