Redesigned Avalanche to Debut at Chicago

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Well dip our asses in linseed oil and fire rock salt at us from a double-barreled twelve-gauge, but GM's actually finally managed to come up with a vehicle on the new GMT-900 platform that isn't uglier than in its predecessor! Then again, that last Chevy truck front end was so wrong on so many levels that a thin, even coating of explosive diarrhea straight from the source would've been an improvement over the brainspew that GM's designers puked out. Unsavory bodily-function references aside, the new 'Lanche is more powerful, will be available in flex-fuel trim, and the attendant refinements in roadgoing and interior features that come along with the new platform.

GM Will Unveil All New 2007 Chevrolet Avalanche, Make Major Alternative Fuel and OnStar Announcement at Chicago Auto Show [Dubspeed]


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