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A mother and her 4-year-old daughter struck by a SUV while crossing a Scottsdale, Ariz., intersection survived with only minor injuries. The mother and police were ready to blame the SUV driver — until a red-light camera video showed otherwise.


Regina Aldan told police she was crossing the intersection with the light when it changed from green to red, forcing her to run with her daughter, when the black GMC Yukon struck them both. Police cited the SUV's driver at the scene.

But the video from a red-light camera shows that Aldan and her daughter were close to the curb behind them when the light changed, and decided to dash while in front of a camper that blocked the Yukon's driver's view. Police said the citation to the driver was withdrawn, since the video "shows the pedestrians run into the path of the vehicle that was so close that it was difficult for the driver to yield."


Who else can say the red-light camera got them out of a ticket? See the video below:

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