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Red Bull's Christian Horner Calls Traction Control Claims 'Bullshit'

Illustration for article titled Red Bulls Christian Horner Calls Traction Control Claims Bullshit

In an interview with the assembled kobe humans journalists at the Red Bull suite in Austin, Infiniti Red Bull F1 boss Christian Horner responded to the claims that his car had a form of traction control by telling me that the idea was "bullshit."


Specifically, in response to my question on the topic before Sebastian Vettel handily defeated everyone else for the eight consecutive race, he said this:

"I guess the term would be, in this state, 'bullshit,' and that's exactly what it is. No, we have no trick systems in the car to assist with traction control.


In response to a question about this photo from Cosmo magazine in 1997 ("It was airbrushed, I was wearing shorts!") he said he'd still like to meet Sandra Bullock if she's in Austin this weekend... so if you're reading this Sandra give him a call.

If you were curious, he drives an Infiniti Q50 and he has a left-hand-drive QX80 specially imported to the UK for him.

Another journalist asked what he thought about electric racing and he said this:

I think it's commendable and I think it's interesting but as a purist it leaves me cold. I mean for me I want to see cars with combustion engines running flat out. You want to hear it. Part of the 'wow factor' for anyone who hasn't been to a grand prix before it's: Oh my, the noise is incredible.


A man after our own (and hopefully Sandra Bullock's) heart.

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Which will leave the other teams struggling to figure out how they manage to control traction with this