Screencap via Red Bull

Red Bull’s 2017-spec car is named the RB13, so they released an appropriately freaky launch video to debut their new car with every cheesy superstition in the books. Please, show it to small children and send us the reaction videos.

We’re not scared, although if my TV starts doing that during Daytona, I might be.

(I’m going to need my Fluffy Bunny just in case. Fluffy? FLUFFY?!)

Screencap via Red Bull
Enhance. Screencap via Red Bull


Besides the freaky-deaky launch video, there’s one detail everyone immediately noticed on Red Bull’s car: what’s going on with that nose? There’s a big, air inlet in the just the tip of the curved appendage sticking out of the front of the nose.

Red Bull didn’t release a ton of detail on the car, so we’re all curious where this air inlet is routing and what the benefits of such a hole are over the mostly-standard thumb nose used by the other teams.