Red Bull Has A New Fleet Of Totally Extreme Party Trucks Bro

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Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

Red Bull’s marketing machine has finally Gone Plaid with the most meta brand-pimping campaign ever; they’re promoting their own promotional vehicles. Yeah you can totally follow their fleet of International MXT DJ booth/barbecuemobiles on Instagram bro!


Their page is right here @redbullwheels.

I feel pretty dumb shilling Red Bull since they exist solely to do that themselves, but good gravy, International MTXs with telescopic roofs over the cargo bay? That’s just wicked.

And since you probably can’t get within a hundred meters of one without being accosted with dubstep or shot with a projectile energy drink can, we curmudgeons best enjoy them from the safety of our computers.

Looks like there are eight MTXs in Red Bull’s fleet so far, with... names. Dolores, Hot Truck, Cate, Wally, Big T, Dixie, Marlin, and Rosie with their own regional assignments and slight loadout variations (some have a DJ booth where the back seats might go.)

Wonder if they’ll send one down to next year’s Dakar Rally to chase their racing team. I’ll be keeping my eyes open for one next ski season in case their’s any swag to swipe, naturally!


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