Really Short Commute: Yankees Datsun Bullpen Car!

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The well-heeled New York Yankees fan might choose to drive a pinstriped Rolls-Royce, but what if you don't got more louie than Phillip Rizzuto, yet still want to show off your pride that Steinbrenner's warriors are still hanging on in the playoffs? Well, you could get an early 70s Datsun B210 1200 and recreate the bullpen car used by the '72 Yanks! Back in the day, when Nissan was trying to make a name for itself on these shores, they made a deal with the Yankees (and LA Dodgers) to use the B210 1200 as bullpen cars. We're just hoping that some Fu-Manchu-mustachioed pitcher with a head full of greenies used the car to do some donuts on the outfield- hey, the legendary Nissan L engine deserves no less! []

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Actually that's not a B210. It's a Datsun 1200 coupe. I used to have a 1200 sedan.

I think the B-210 came out in 1974. By-the-way,

my 1200 used to get an easy 45 mpg highway.

The 1200 was $1760 new in 1971. The Corolla was slightly more, but the Corolla was a much better built car. Everything in the 1200 was thin. No carpeting, just plastic floormats.