What do you do when you’re Nissan and you just put the world’s first ultraviolet-energized glow-in-the-dark paint on a Leaf? Drive it on the Netherlands’ glow-in-the-dark motorway, of course. It’s like TRON, but in real life. All it needs is some Daft Punk.


Nissan shot this video of the glowing Leaf traveling up the 600-meter stretch of the N329 highway that runs through city of Oss, the one with photo-luminescent strips that glow for eight hours at night to light the way for drivers without using energy from the electric grid.

They did this because the Leaf and the highway complement each other in their approach to energy usage and lighting. Also, because it looks awesome.

Sadly, the Leaf’s glowing paint is just a one-off right now, as it’s made of materials so rare it’s hard to mass produce. But the highway in Oss is there, so when and if your car glows in the dark (and if it does so unintentionally, seek a mechanic immediately) you can take it there.

Here’s some music to go with it.

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