Re-Bodying A Nissan Patrol As A VW Bus Is All Our Muddy Dreams Come True

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We don’t know whether we should call this creation a Nissan Patrol or a Volkswagen Bus at this point, but it gets very muddy and that’s all that really matters.

(You can access YouTube’s English captions by clicking the gear icon on the video.)


The mad Dutchmen on Mastermilo’s YouTube channel featured Martijn’s lovely creation, which is an ex-police Volkswagen Transporter body dropped on top of the four-wheel-drive undercarriage of a Nissan Patrol. Inside you’ll find the Nissan’s engine up front where the driver would be under what appears to be a tablecloth, and the dashboard from the Patrol behind it. The driver sits mid-ship.

While most Dutch Type 2 vans are restoration candidates, we’re all happy that this wasn’t one of them. I mean, the owner rigged the front to pop off so that a winch can be used. This may be the coolest Type 2 we’ve seen in ages for all the best, most heretical, wonderful reasons.


Just in case there isn’t enough Volkswagen punishment in one video, there’s some bonus hoonage of a slightly higher Volkswagen Golf and a custom trike cutting through the mud.

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Epic Failure

I appreciate that these don’t get the kind of holy grail treatment they do in the states. It makes for more fun mashups.

Somewhere there’s an American VW fan weeping.