The international sign for "Hey asshole!" is generally the flashing of the high-beams โ€” whether it is to warn of upcoming danger, show displeasure or just get attention. Regardless of which message, that vulgar phrase encapsulates them all. There are limited options that could be done if your car's high-beams are puny, including installing auxiliary HID Xenon windshield lights, as seen here. The lights don't obstruct the windshield because it fits conveniently between the windshield and the rearview mirror.

The lights operate by communicating wirelessly with the vehicle's high beams. Turn on the high-beams and the VisualEyes also engage, therefore tripling the visibility in pitch black night driving, or so they say. The VisualEyes also include a way to detect cars in the distance and will automatically turn off so you won't be "that guy." It could be fun to play with having fog lights, regular lights and VisualEyes xenon lights all flashing on and off. [VisualEyes via Gizmodo]