Raytheon HY-DRA Shows Off In-Wheel E-Motors

All the big names in defense are here today hawking their wares and Raytheon has an off road badass-mobile that practically begs to be flogged mightily. The Hybrid-Defense Recon Assault (HY-DRA) shows off some pretty neat tech (which actually is sort of the military version of the Chevy Volt). The HY-DRA is an EV with in-wheel motors, an on-board range extender, a sweet McLaren F1-style three seat layout, and a monster .50 caliber up top. Funny thing about that .50 cal, before they decided to go with the in-wheel motor design, they had inboard mounted motors and half shafts running out to the wheels. When fired perpendicular to the line of travel, the recoil from the gun would actually knock the HY-DRA on its side. Yeah, this is one instance where unpsrung weight and low center of gravity go well together.


On the hardware side, the HY-DRA operates on a A123 supplied Li-Ion battery pack good for 180 kW. The four motors deliver a peak output of 61 HP and a shocking 811 lb.ft. of torque. That kind of deity-like power will run this sucker up to 60 MPH in a short 6 seconds and go for a range of 25 clicks in all-electric, silent recon mode. This is only a demo vehicle and unfortunately no production is planned at this point, but this certainly opens up another option for the traveler on tomorrow's zombie infested highways.

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