Ray Falco's Lancia Scorpion Could Be Yours!

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So after writing about that Down On The Street '66 Lancia Fulvia, I figured there couldn't be any harm in checking out what kind of Lancia deals you can get these days. And what a deal I found! It's a '76 Lancia Scorpion (known as the Lancia Monte Carlo in Europe, but Chevrolet had that name nailed down on these shores). This one's in very nice shape, though of course it's got the horrible 1976 crash bumpers and zilch-horsepower smog motor. But it's still got genuine Italian style, buddy! The best part? According to the plaque, the car was originally built for a gentleman named Ray Falco. You just know he was a strip club owner in Tucson.


1976 Lancia Scorpion 53k miles very original, runs perfectly! - $12000 [Craigslist SFO]

Who Wouldn't Love a Lanciamino? [internal]

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does a bucket of POR-15 come with it?