Ray Enjoys Stroking His Fast In Detroit

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In case no one's noticed me recently, I'm the new guy. And yes, that's me stroking VW's "Fast." I've been enamored with the wascally wabbit ever since I first saw it. And as you can see, we both seem to be enjoying ourselves. Ya see, Jalopnik and the Gawker Media Empire have decided to take the plunge and "Say Yes, Michigan!" with the grand opening of Jalopnik's Metro Detroit bureau. So like Seger sang "I'm just a midwestern boy on his own," and am well known for showin' mad love to Metro Detroit. So, as the picture proudly shows, I'm learning to love all auto manufacturers, regardless of geographic location. So let's travel together, hand in paw...as I teach you of the wonders of "The Big Three" and you teach me the wonderful world not-of-Detroit.


Ebony...and...Ivory...live together in perfect harmony...

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