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This awkward-looking Lands Precedent could be the rarest vehicle we've ever seen on eBay for under ten grand. One of two prototypes built by Lands Motor Company of Elkhart Indiana, the Precedent is a nearly forgotten V8-powered luxury van. It's so rare, in fact, that the only other online reference we could find is a 2001 auction by Kruse International. From the speedo photo, we're guessing it was built on some kind of Ford platform, but since there's no documentation to be found, we can't confirm that. We can confirm that it's aggressively ugly, even by mid-80s standards, despite foretelling stadium seating nearly 20 years before Jeep built the Commander. A bargain at half the price. [Thanks to Bill for the tip.]

1986 Lands Van $1,25 MM Prototype, #1 of 2 EVER built! [eBay]

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