Rare $600,000 Ford Falcon Stolen From Aussie Auto Shop

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A rare red 1971 Phase III GT HO Ford Falcon Sedan registration number 71 HO valued at over $600,000 was stolen out of the J & M Caporale Auto Body Repairs shop in Osborne Park, Australia. But since the Falcon was in the back of the store, they had to move a couple of cars to get there. Here's what the report in the Perth Times had to say about how the caper was accomplished:

"Once inside, the offenders moved a number of vehicles in order to gain access to the car. These vehicles were driven out through the front roller doors which face onto Collingwood Street, and parked down the side of the premises.

These include a Rolls Royce Stretch Limousine, a late model Holden GTS Monaro valued at $100,000 and a Honda Odyssey."


Talk about knowing what's worth what, eh? Can you imagine the conversation going on during the midnight raid? "Guys, ignore the Rolls — we're going FFTW, Ford For The Win!" The bandits were last seen hooning it up in the Falcon somewhere north of Osborne Park. (Hat tip to Dave!) [via Perth Times]



Obviously I don't know much about the Aussie Falcon, but I could never imagine a Falcon worth $600,000. From the A pillar back, it even looks like an American Vintage Falcon...

Back on topic, I hope they find it soon, because it may wind up exported off shore where it may never be recovered.